The difficult thing is to give expression to simplicity.

Conversation between August Heuser and Robert Schad on 27 February 2008 in the church<br>
St. Stephen's in Karlsruhe.

“Yes, it was not easy to find this form. There is, after all, the typical church sculptor who refers to familiar formal habits when designing a crucifix. The traditional specifications for Christian depictions usually leave little freedom to the artist.”

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Robert Schad and his work in Fátima

Alexandros N. Tombazis

“Moreover, the transformation of the cross into a crucifix of the greatest simplicity and abstraction has given it a deeper meaning of extraordinary beauty that can be seen from afar. It’s a landmark that I think, in time, will become a symbol of Fatima.”

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The New Marian and Christian Fatima

José Barreto

“The outdoor cross, with its airy lightness of fifty tons of rust-colored steel, not only serves as a Christian landmark for a church with an almost agnostic outlook and for the entire sanctuary, but it also looks ahead to the century that has begun and to all those yet to follow.”

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